Emersion is pleased to announce that this month, Joni Jandal has joined us as our new VP of Sales for North America.

Joni brings experience in all things sales and business development; from creating valuable global solutions for her clients, to coaching sales teams, to automation of recruitment with dashboard reporting. These results come from over a decade of highly diverse consulting with clients in IT Staffing, MSPs, oil & gas, auto and health care.

Joni has evolved from Global Talent Solutions to SaaS Sales, all while balancing family life with her three children. Joni’s purpose brings with it integrity, professionalism and the will to go above and beyond for her clients.

For Joni, Emersion is a perfect match. “Automating a manual and complex recruitment process is synonymous with automating billing and payments. My passion is to save clients time and money. Emersion has countless client successes that have resulted in cost savings, efficiency and growth. I am honored to introduce the Emersion solution to the US.”

Outside of the business world, Joni keeps busy traveling and hiking with her newly wedded husband, Bart. She and her husband are enjoying the new addition to their family, a maltipoo named Sophie.

Joni will build and lead a top-notch US based sales team. We’re looking forward to working with Joni to build another successful division of Emersion.

You can connect with Joni Jandal on LinkedIn here.