Emersion is thrilled to announce Finiqs Bou Melhem has joined our APAC region team in the role of Technical Account Executive.

Based in Perth, Finiqs will join the APAC sales team led by Vai Le, and work with our clients to deliver a business & billing automation solution that helps them achieve their business goals.

Finiqs is a proven detail-oriented problem solver, previously working in the tech industry as Product Manager – Systems and Enterprise at Altech Computers, where he took full ownership of orders, compatibility, onboarding and supply of custom-built products for large, complex clients. During his time with Altech, Finiqs significantly improved the product delivery process, applying metrics derived from a complete system audit, which led to a smoother process and a more profitable outcome for the business.

At Emersion, Finiqs looks forward to applying his sales skills and technical know-how to provide comprehensive and dependable support, knowledge and overall value for our clients.

Finiqs has an unbreakable, chalked grip on the title of ‘Strongest Person at Emersion’ (pulling 250-270kg on deadlift days and squatting 240-255kg outside that). He maintains an interesting range of hobbies outside of work including powerlifting & weightlifting, nootropics & biohacking, and building PCs (having run the gaming PC product division in a previous role). He also enjoys content concerning human psychology, history and philosophy, and the developing topics of cryptocurrency and decentralised finance.

You can connect with Finiqs on LinkedIn here.