Automated Provisioning

Emersion automates many provisioning workflows, helping to simplify complex processes and sell high volumes of products and services with little to no effort.


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What is provisioning automation?

Provisioning is the act of getting goods and services to their end destination. It’s a term that’s commonly used in the Telecommunications industry relating to adding a new service or expanding existing services. Provisioning automation is the act of automating this process.

Why is provisioning automation important? 

The telco industry typically sells most products and services at a low margin. They usually make a profit by selling these products and services at scale (i.e. to 1000s of customers). If companies had to pay someone to perform each of the steps in their process then it would take months for that service to become profitable. 

Most telco provisioning processes are also usually quite complicated, and so having someone manually perform the steps makes it more likely for errors to occur.

Provisioning automation is the process of automating as many steps as possible. This has several benefits including:

What types of provisioning is Emersion able to automate?

Emersion started within a major telecom carrier, and as such one of the first features that was developed was provisioning automation. The telco industry is often the first to come into contact with emerging technology, and so these provisioning workflows needed to be capable of handling any product or service.

This meant making sure that provisioning workflows could be customised and adapted to suit the needs of individual businesses. Larger businesses such as telco wholesalers tend to like this functionality, as it means our provisioning workflows can be adapted to their way of business.

Smaller businesses and companies who are new to selling voice and data services are likely to benefit from our pre-built provisioning workflows. These help businesses to sell at scale while minimising manual touchpoints. We have pre-built provisioning workflows to sell services including:

These are made available to every Emersion customer.

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