Business Process Automation

Emersion automates many end-to-end processes including billing, invoicing and provisioning.

This frees up staff time, reducing errors and eliminating bottle necks and puts your business in a position to grow.

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Automate 40+ hours of work every month

Even the smallest businesses can benefit from Emersion's powerful automation. Here's how we can save most businesses over 40 hours of work every month.

Data entry

Save at least 5 hours every month per staff member.
How much time do your staff spend entering the same data into multiple systems? Even if it's just 15 minutes per day this will add up around $2,100 per year for an employee earning $35 per hour.

Emersion integrates to your systems, software and suppliers, and keeps data accurate. Not only does this save time, but it also prevents errors and means your staff spend less time trying to find and validate data.

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Usage mediation and rating

Save at least 14 hours per month per organisation
Calculating usage-based billing is complicated and time consuming.

Many small businesses will spend at least two days per month calculating usage-based charges. As they grow, the amount of time spent calculating usage grows. This doesn't scale!

With Emersion, usage is calculated automatically. This turns a two day job into something that will take your staff at most two hours per month.

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Payment processing and collections

Save at least 12 hours per month per organisation

With Emersion, subscription and usage billing becomes set and forget. In most cases, your staff won't need to lift a finger.

Your customers enter their information through our self-service portals and invoices are automatically dispatched on a set date. Payments are automatically deducted from their bank or credit card.

Most businesses will need to process at least 250 payments per month. If each payment takes around 3 minutes to process then this will save around 12.5 hours per month.

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Service changes

Save at least 6 hours per month per organisation
How much time does it take your staff to make a simple change to a customers subscription or services?

In most cases, when you add up all of the steps involved (logging into your system, a vendor portal, verifying the request plus all the record keeping, it will take around 20 minutes.

Just 10 changes per month equates to 6 hours of work for your team. In most cases, this number is far higher, especially when onboarding or offboarding customers.

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Data Analysis

Save at least 8 hours per month per organisation
Emersion makes it easy to review supplier bills, and make sure your customers are profitable. We also help with meeting your compliance regulations.

In most small businesses this will take a finance person at least one day per month. Emersion gives you this information in standardised reports which can be reviewed whenever you need them.

This will save your team at least 8 hours per month.

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Provisioning and order management

Contact us to find out just how much time you could be saving.

Provisioning is the process of getting your products and services activated and into the hands of your customer(s). Where telecommunications products are concerned, it can get complicated. This is where Emersion's world-class provisioning workflows shine.

Find out more about our provisioning automation functionality here.

Provisioning Automation


Read what some of our customers have to say about Emersion's automation.

I showed Paul how we we're doing Service Preactivations. This took between 30 minutes to an hour for 3-4 services.

He told us that because we were already adding the number into the system we could put in in a state of ‘pre-activation’.

If it goes through we set the number to activate. If it doesn’t happen [get activated] you just click cancel. That’s it. Less than a one minute job. Productivity wise it’s 'hella' improved. I would say a 66% improvement.

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Michael Martinez
Telecommunications Provisioning Specialist

There were a lot of Billing Issues [before the move to Emersion].

With Emersion we stopped the billing issues happening from the start.

We're doing more work, but we've got half the issues that we had.

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Managing Director

The biggest benefit of Emersion is having the billing side of things pretty well taken care of. I don't have to worry about 95% of it anymore because it happens automatically

[Previously] we had all sorts of orphaned charges that weren't being billed by our previous provider. With the quarantine system, we are able to bill for the full amount of usage - there is never anything missing.

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Laura Kelly
Managing Director

All of our upstream carriers dump their feeds into Emersion and it sorts them out for me. I don’t need to do a lot of excess work. So I’m only touching the customer’s account once, and then every month I have a look at their invoice. For me, that’s great time efficiency.

Everything is automated and everything is sorted. So that obviously saves time and money for our business

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Brianna Phillips
Administration Support

How much time could your team save every month?

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